Akkord is Advanced KDE Commander


At begining of my expirence with Unix I couldn't find an excelent commander like Dos Navigator. Later I found Midnight Commander that is similar to Norton Commander (IMHO Dos Navigator much more beautiful).
But with all commanders I missed some features (e.g. copying in background, non-blocking work when connecting to ftp-server).
At the end (about summer 1999), I decided begin work on own commander that should meet my requirements.

Now, You will not wait for nothing with Akkord!


This site describes conception of such Orthodox File Managers.


Here you can find Akkord 0.3.3 for KDE-1.

  • Traditional 2 panels;
  • Non-blocking operations (e.g copy, delete...);

  • Manipulate remote files systems using FTP protocol (try CTRL+G). Requires ftplib;
  • Representation archives (for this time - rar and zip) & ftp as common file system;
  • Ability to adding new types of arhives without changing the sources (see $KDEDIR/share/akkord/fs/README for details);
  • Non-blocking read contents of dir. At any time you are able to stop reading. And at the time when directory is reading (big archive, ftp server, etc...) you are able to continue work with Akkord (on other panel);
  • quick search (try ALT+S);
  • Multiwindowed interface;
  • You may communicate with Akkord using a socket;
  • If you try to start Akkord simultaneously with other copy it only opens new window;
  • Fully customizable accelerator keys;
  • Save workspace between sessions (list of virtual file systems and cursor position for both panels);
  • Hovering values in fields in the file list view that can't be completely shown;
  • X Windows System (tested on XFree86 4.0.1);
  • QT-2 (tested on 2.2.1);
  • KDE-2 (tested on 2.0);
  • libftp (3.1 or better);
  • qpthread (tested on 1.0);

Akkord tested on next software:

  • Unix (it only tested on linux. Please, if you are able to run it on other unices report it or if you don't do it contact with me for help with porting);
  • libc (tested on glibc 2.1.2);
  • libpthread (tested on 0.8. If you use other thread lib contact with me for help with porting);
  • C++ compiler (tested on gcc 2.95.2 patched to pgcc);

Attention: at the moment Akkord is unstable. Please don't run it as superuser.


last version: 0.3.4 (development)



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